CW Series Plus pumps

PULSAtron Pumps Plus Series CW

Pulsatron Plus Pumps CW Series

General Discription : PULSAtron Plus Series CW

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  • Conductivity Control with Water Meter Feed
  • Programmable Limit Timer
  • Easy User Interface
  • Complete Control   System

The PULSAtron Series CW pump was designed to control conductivity and feed inhibitor in an open-air cooling tower. Chemical feed is initiated and controlled by input from a water meter. The Series CW combines everything you need to control conductivity and feed inhibit into one unique, compact package to create a simple and cost effective metering control system.

The Series CW includes a solenoid actuated metering pump, conductivity sensor, bleed relay and a dry contact input for water meter control. At set-up, the operator sets the conductivity set point, differential (or dead-band), the pump stroke frequency and run time. When conductivity reaches the set point, the system activates the bleed relay.

As make-up water passes through the water meter, it generates a series of pulses based on volume of flow. The pump counts the pulses until the total reaches the Count set point. The pump runs at the frequency and run-time specified at set-up and the count is reset.

The Pulsatron Pump features an easy to program user interface. Simply press the universally recognized symbol key identifying the function you wish to adjust and change the value with the up or down arrow key.

The user determines the amount of chemical feed based on the volume of make-up water. Programmable run time, stroke frequency and count set point combine to provide precise control over the amount of chemical used.

Series CW is one unique package. All control functions are integrated into the pump eliminating the expense of purchasing and installing a separate controller.

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