PULSAtron Plus Pump Series WT

General Discription:PULSAtron Plus Series WT


  • Water Meter Feed Bleed Control
  • Dual Programmable Pulse Counters
  • Easy User Interface
  • Complete Control     System

The Pulsafeeder PULSAtron Series WT pump was designed to control the feed and bleed cycle in an open-air cooling tower. The feed and bleed cycle is initiated and controlled by input from a water meter. The Series WT combines everything you need to bleed off the tower and feed inhibitor into one unique, compact package to create a simple and cost effective metering and control system.

The Series WT includes a water meter input with programmable pulse timers that control the feed and bleed relays. When the water level in the cooling tower drops, the make-up water is turned on creating flow through the water meter. As make-up water passes through the water meter, it generates a series of pulses based on the volume of flow.

The Series WT has two pulse counters with independent set points that monitors output of the water meter. One controls the pump and one controls the bleed relay. When the counter exceeds the set point, the counter is reset and the control function is activated for the run-time specified at set-up.

The pump features dual programmable pulse counters. Independent timers for feed and bleed provide a greater level of control within your application.

The user determines the amount of chemical to feed and bleed time based on the volume of make-up water. Programmable timer, stroke frequency and count set point combine to provide precise control over the amount of chemical used.

Series WT is a complete control system in one unique package. There is no need for a separate controller. All control functions are integrated into the pump eliminating the expense of purchasing and installing another piece of equipment

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