Pulsatron DCS900 Series Controllers

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Pulsatron DCS900

General Discription: DCS900 Series Controllers

The DCS900 Series controller is designed to control conductivity and feed inhibitor in open-air cooling towers and closed loop systems. It measures the conductivity of the recirculating water and activates a 'bleed' relay output (typically attached to a solenoid activated blow down valve) when it exceeds a set point value. A second relay (typically attached to a chemical metering pump) is activated to feed inhibitor into the tower.

Two Models Available

DCS 901 - Timer Version. The inhibitor relay is activated by the user configurable selectable timer (limit, percent or percent post bleed). The timer provides protection from overfeed by limiting the time that the inhibitor feed relay will remain active.

DCS 902 - Water Meter Version/ In addition to the selectable timer feature, the inhibitor relay can also be activated by pulse input generated from a water meter. Water meter input can be user configured for standard dry contact or hall effect.

Operating Benefits

4-Electrode Conductivity Sensor. New electrode technology enhances the accuracy and stability of the conductivity measurement providing a greater level of control within your application.

DIN Connections. Sensor and water meter input connections utilize IP 67 rated DIN connector, eliminated the need to access the internal electronics during installation.

Standard Flow Switch. All systems include a flow switch that protects your system from feeding chemicals in the event of a loss of flow.

Optional Panel Assembly. Select the mounted flow assembly and the entire controller and flow assembly comes conveniently mounted onto a rugged polyethylene panel for easy installation.



  • 4-electrode conductivity sensor
  • DIN Connections
  • Easy to Program UI
  • Standard Flow Switch

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